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7 Key Mobile Advertising Networks That Will Dominate in 2022

When marketing your own company and generating some passive cash from your website or app, having a mobile ad network on your side is a fantastic idea. It’s as easy as purchasing advertising space from brands and businesses that already have access to your target demographic or selling advertising space to use the audience you already have. However, before you go headfirst into mobile advertising, it is essential to your business’s success to ensure that the ad networks you are considering are compatible with the specific sector in which you operate.

Facebook and Instagram

One of the world’s most successful mobile app development businesses is Meta, which is owned by Facebook and Instagram. Not only are they the most popular social media sites, but they also each have millions of users that come from a wide variety of demographic backgrounds. These mobile applications provide a diverse selection of advertising campaigns that are adaptable to virtually any budget and give you the option to target users who fit your specific demographic profile.


The mobile version of Google’s AdSense is an advertising network that Google owns. Because it enables you to upload a line of code to your app that will automatically put advertisements, AdMob is an excellent choice for novice users. You’ll be able to monitor how well your advertising efforts are performing, and Google Analytics will synchronize with any AdSense ads you may be running.


Unity is primarily concerned with monetizing your mobile app through video advertising. It is suitable for use on Android and iOS systems, in addition to being compatible with all game engines. Unity creates advertisements using CPI and CPM campaigns, and it is even capable of collaborating with plugins developed by particular mediation firms. You will have the option to monitor the progress of advertising campaigns on an hourly basis, and you will also be able to target your audience according to the demographics you select.


InMobi is an excellent option for running an advertising campaign on a mobile device or the web. It is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems and provides advertising campaigns in CPC and CPI formats. You will be able to select the demographic you wish to target, allowing you to directly connect with individuals who are interested in the subject matter of your specialty. The most delicate part is that they operate on a global scale. Your advertisements are eligible to appear in countries other than your own.


Moburst is among the most successful mobile advertising networks on a worldwide scale. This extensive advertising network can optimize app stores since the technology at their disposal is cutting edge. One of their most impressive aspects is that they will even assist you in producing your in-app advertisements. This implies that you may devote more time to building your software and yet have an ad developed by a trained expert.

Yahoo Developer Network

The Yahoo Developer Network assists app developers and publishers so that they may incorporate advertisements into their app models, regardless of whether the apps are designed for Android or iOS. It makes it possible to create fundamental advertisements such as rewarded and video ads, and it provides Flurry’s robust statistics to support these advertisements.

Advertisements on Apple Search

Users of iOS apps can access this advertising network. It grants developers the ability to sponsor advertisements that rise to the top of a user’s search results in the Apple App Store while using an iPhone or iPad. It is essential to remember that Apple Search Ads are only compatible with Apple products and will not function on any Android smartphone. When it comes to mobile app monetization and the management of advertising campaigns, there are a plethora of excellent choices available. Just be sure that your chosen platform can accommodate the objectives and requirements you have set for yourself.

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